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The adventures of an Aussie girl living in the American Southwest...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I can't believe it's Thursday already

Wow, where did that last week go? Time for our ten AMAZING facts.

1. It's "Take Your Child to Work Day" today. Richard has bought his 12 year old daughter to work, so I'm trying to think of some jobs for her. Not easy when I'm trying to find my own jobs to do! I wonder, is this just a day they made up so that teachers can have a day off? If so, what do teachers do with their kids?

2. Not long to our trip to New York now - only 8 days (not that I'm counting). I think we're pretty organised and even more so, since Meg gave me a list of her favourite yarn stores!

3. On the knitting front, I am in the process of sewing my little green top together. So far, so good. I just hope it's going to be long enough - it should be since I ripped it out to add extra rows (quite depressing but hopefully worth it in the end).

4. I've finished Jo's birthday present except for the button, which I plan to do tonight. It’s going to be a little late (sorry Jo) but I hope you have a great day on Sunday - we'll be thinking of you and wishing we were there!

5. Doggies won again! Who can believe it? On a sad note, Collingwood also won this week wich means I haven’t been able to get the grin off Brad’s face. He was exhausted on Tuesday after he stayed up to 1:30am listening to the ANZAC day clash on the internet.

6. Had a great meal on Saturday night when we went to Tucano’s for dinner. Not a place I would recommend for vegetarians. They bought around 12 different types of meat for us to sample. I think we really enjoyed it since we don’t usually eat a lot of red meat. Maybe we would eat more if I could cook it like they do!

7. While we were at the restaurant on Saturday night we also got to share in some of the excitement of high school prom. At first I thought it was a wedding (hey - one girl did have on a long white dress), instead it turned out to be a group of high school students who had gone out for dinner before the dance. This was the spring prom and is one of three that they have every year (home coming, spring and winter).

8. This weekend we have a farewell party for one of the engineers. It is just going to be a casual bbq but I've decided to make a three layer ice-cream cake for desert. I made the first layer last night - cookies and cream. Mmmmmmm. I think I'll make a mint layer and either a berry or Reeses llayer.

9. Warning - If you in Australia and you don't want to know what's going on in the Amazing Race - Don't read this! Last night the final five couples went to Perth, Fremantle and Rotnest Island. It looks as though they're heading a crocodile farm in either Darwin or Cairns next week which should be good. And yes, my favourites (the hippies) are still in it!

10. I'm going to lunch now.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

You Know What Day It Is

Yes it's Thursday, which means I've got another ten exciting facts! Here we go...

1. We had an awesome time in Phoenix last weekend. We left Friday afternoon and arrived in Scottsdale at about 4pm. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on North Scottsdale Rd which was great - very clean, friendly and in a great location. We hit the pool before we headed down to the performing arts center for some dinner and to see Dame Edna. The show was fantastic - sooo funny! On Saturday we walked down to Old Town and then further on to Scottsdale Fasion Square - the largest shopping center we've seen in quite a while. They had some great shops but we were well behaved and decided to save ourselves for shopping in New York. We also met up for lunch at Kona with Jason (Karen's fiance) who lives nearby, then flew home on Saturday night. All in all - a fantastic weekend!

2. We finally received our baseball tickets for our New York trip. We are going to see the Yankees vs the Redsocks and ordered the tickets online. There was some delay getting the tickets so needless to say we were getting a bit anxious. But they're here - HOORAY! Now we just have to remember to take them to NY!

3. Mum got her cast removed on Tuesday. If I haven't previously mentioned it - mum broke her wrist 6 weeks ago when she tripped and fell near work. She has one more week before she returns to work. Now that you can actually do things - enjoy the time mum!

4. Charlotte learned to rollover onto her stomach this week. Apparently this is a pretty big thing in the world of babies. I'm so proud!

5. I'm back on track with my knitting. I ripped out the two problem rows of my little green top only to realise that I was out of sync on my pattern - big time. Thanks to Megs wonderful help I fixed the problem without having to rip out half of the front. Tommorow I'm planning to finish Jo's birthday present and am planning on starting some socks. I haven't decided on a pattern yet but I bought some gorgeous blue Koigu and thought that socks would be a good project to work on seeing as though we have a long plane flight coming up.

6. Next week will be 5 years since Brad and I went on our first date. It' also 5 years since Simone and Tim went to Europe because I remember telling them about this spunky new guy before they left for their trip. We went to a cafe in Williamstown and then into Southbank where we ate Tiramisu. We had met in a couple of group situations before this date - at Brad's housewarming and when we went ice-skating (Brad made quite the impression with his unique ice-skating style and a spectacular fall). It's been a wonderful 5 years and I'm sure we both never thought we'd be living in Albuquerque on that first date in Williamstown!

7. Bulldogs beat Essendon on the weekend and are on top of the ladder! Go Doggies.

8. My favourite flowers are oriental lillies. I had pink ones for my wedding. I bought some white ones a few weeks ago and they lasted for ages. They smelt delicious too!

9. The da Vinci code starts next month. I'm looking forward to it since I enjoyed the book so much. At first I was surprised with the selection of Tom Hanks but from what I've seen, he looks quite good in the role. I guess I was picturing more of a Harrison Ford/Indiana Jones character. I'm just glad it's not Tom Cruise. Could that guy get any weirder?

10. I've rambled on today. Alot.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another 10 Facts on a Thursday

1. I've been really busy at work which has been great. I'm also learning the basics of structural engineering. Quite scary as it was never my strongest subject at uni!

2. The weather is officially warmer in Albuquerque than Melbourne. A beautiful 80 degrees F (26 degrees C) today.

3. Brad was going to give me his 10 facts on a Thursday. Just as well he never got around to it - I think they were going to be about Collingwood.

4. Speaking of football, why is it that the Bulldogs actually start winning when I'm not there. I don't think I've seen them win in the last 3 years and now they've won two in a row. I just hope they beat Essendon this week.

5. If I was in Australia it would be a public holiday now.

6. I'm currently reading this book. It was given to me by Simone and Tim for Christmas last year.

7. I think I would like to read Pride and Predjudice next.

8. I would like to see the new Hugh Grant movie. Brad thinks I want to see it just because of Hugh Grant. He's probably right.

9. The temperature in Phoenix tomorrow will be 92 degrees F (33 degrees C).

10. I haven't finished Jo's birthday present yet. I've been working on my little 'green' top, which I have to rip back a couple of rows :-(

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ten Facts on a Thursday

Fact 1: I'm glad to have my boy home from his trip to San Francisco. The house feels empty when he's not around.

Fact 2: I'm very proud of my boy. He won an award at the conference!

Fact 3: We're going to see Dame Edna next week.

Fact 4: Bob Dylan is playing in Albuquerque next week. I wish my dad was here so I could take him.

Fact 5: I got a lot of knitting done while Brad was away. I finished the back and started the front of my little 'green' top. I also felted Jo's birthday present. I'm thinking of adding some sort of flower like this (sorry I can't give more information seeing as though it's a surprise).

Fact 6: Work is busy - Yay!!! It's been a good couple of weeks - let's hope it lasts.

Fact 7: We'll be seeing Simone and Tim in 29 days!

Fact 8: I love the new Bernard Fanning CD I got for Christmas from Ben and Ag. I wish he would tour the states.

Fact 9: I wish Robbie Williams would tour the states too.

Fact 10: I like this house in Point Cook.