The Adventures of an Aussie Girl in Albuquerque

The adventures of an Aussie girl living in the American Southwest...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Back in the Land of Enchantment

We arrived back home on Sunday from an amazing two week holiday back home in Oz. We were thoroughly exhausted by the time we got home so we put our pj's on and went straight to bed even though it was only 1 in the afternoon. We've both been pretty good since then and really haven't suffered too much jet lag. I think I just like using it as an excuse not to go to the gym "I'm still tired from the trip, I'll start back at the gym next week I promise...."

It was great to catch up with friends and family back home and especially to see our gorgeous little niece Charlotte. Mum and dad were extremely surprised to see us back since they weren't expecting to see us until March! Although Brad and I didn't see that much of each other during our time in Melbourne (we we both trying to catch up with as many people as possible), we made up for it during the last two days which we spent on the Gold Coast. We really miss the beach so it was great to spend a couple of days soaking up the sun and just relaxing after a crazy two weeks in Melbourne.

In knitting news.... I'm a bit all over the place. I managed to knit one handwarmer on the plane but now that I'm back home I'm not so sure about the colour. I've also started a scarf for Michelle who I work with using some yarn I bought while we were home. Last but not least I have my blackberry cardigan to finish. It's almost done and since we're planning a quiet weekend I should get it finished this week. Speaking of finished projects, I've got happy feet today! I'm wearing my first pair of knitted socks!!!