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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Washington - Day 4 and 5

So finally (it was almost a month ago), I'm posting about the last two days of our trip to Washington D.C!
Day 4 was spent at the zoo (which is free) before heading to our hotel on Dupont Circle. I won't bore you with the endless animal photos, but thought I'd give you an animal I'd never seen before we came to the U.S.

What a cute little Prairie Dog!

After the zoo, we headed on down to Jury's Washington Hotel which we got at a great rate of $139/night. Here's a peak at the room:

It was located right on Dupont Circle, a great location to jump on the Metro early on Day 5 to head to the Capitol Building for a tour. We had been told we would need to be there at 7am to get tickets for that day (first come, first served) but by the time we arrived, it was almost 9am. We decided to see what tours were still available and found that by the time we got to the front of the line we were scheduled for a 10:30am tour - perfect! We strolled around The Mall while we waited and passed by the Smithsonian:

Unfortunately we missed out on visiting the National Air and Space Museum but the Capitol was well worth it.

The Dome - Outside

The Dome - Inside

Me and George!

This last shot is the point where Washington is divided into the four quadrants (NE, NW, SE and SW). Directly above is the Rotunda while below is a tomb that was initially designed for George Washington (who was later buried in Virginia instead).

Our final stop was at Union Station which, when built in 1907 was the largest train station in the world!

So there you go - A guided tour of Washington D.C!

I hope you enjoyed it!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Washington - Day 2 and 3

It seems like ages ago since we were there, but here is what we got up to on day 2 and 3 of our trip to DC.

Friday morning we left early and caught the metro out to Arlington National Cemetary. It's a worthwhile trip if you ever head to DC and leaves you with one of those feelings that can't really be described....

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

After we left we took the 15 minute walk around to the Iwa Jima statue - another worthwhile trip! The statue was so much bigger than I had expected (not that you can really tell by the photo).
Saturday was spent exploring Bethesda and Georgetown which were both gogeous. While we were in Georgetown we stopped at the Old House which was built in 1766. It is hard to believe that I was standing in a house that was built before English settlers had even arrived in Australia!
I'll end Day 3 of our Washington tour with some more photos of the beautiful area around Georgetown:

The Kennedy Center


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Washington - Day 1

Well, we're back from D.C. and we had an awesome time! We were both surprised at what a beautiful city it is and spent our first day checking out all the monuments - here are a few photos:

The Einstein Monument (I think a lot of people miss this one) but definitely worthwhile to see (or perhaps that's just the scientist in me).

The Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool (this one reminds me of Forrest Gump)!

The Lincoln Monument (which was much bigger than I had expected).

The World War II Memorial

The White House

Ford's Theatre - The actual seat where Lincoln sat when he was shot!

By the way, Happy Mother's Day Mum! Now that the gift has been received here is what I made:

Pattern: Hooray for Me Gloves

Yarn: Online Supersocke 100

Needles: Knitpicks US #1 DPN's

Started: 9th April, 2007

Finished: 23rd April, 2007

Modifications: As can be seen from the pattern, the only modification made was knitting full length fingers.

I hope you like them mum!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cranberries & Cherries

The gift has been received, and the receiver is very happy. In fact they've already been worn...

These are the Monkey socks I made for my sisters birthday. They were very, very hard to give away, I think they're my favourite so far.

Pattern: Monkey Socks from the winter issue of
Yarn: Lonesome Stone Mountain Feat
Colour: Shades of Cranberry
Needles: Knit Picks Size US #1
Started: 19th March, 2007
Finished: 7th April, 2007

I've also mailed off mum's Mother's Day present and will post some photos when she receives it.
I had a girls afternoon on Sunday and watched one of my all time favourite movies - 10 Things I Hate About You. I know it's corny but I love it (especially Heath Ledger). I also made some snacks - Artichoke dip and cherry turnovers, which were both delish even if the cherry turnovers did explode a little! Anyway, here is a photo of my cherry turnovers (I tried to maneuver them so you can't see the exploded ones).

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the dip - we ate it instead!

Finally we are off to D.C. this week. I have my plane knitting packed and hope to have lots of photos when I return!

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