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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another 10 Facts on a Thursday

1. I've been really busy at work which has been great. I'm also learning the basics of structural engineering. Quite scary as it was never my strongest subject at uni!

2. The weather is officially warmer in Albuquerque than Melbourne. A beautiful 80 degrees F (26 degrees C) today.

3. Brad was going to give me his 10 facts on a Thursday. Just as well he never got around to it - I think they were going to be about Collingwood.

4. Speaking of football, why is it that the Bulldogs actually start winning when I'm not there. I don't think I've seen them win in the last 3 years and now they've won two in a row. I just hope they beat Essendon this week.

5. If I was in Australia it would be a public holiday now.

6. I'm currently reading this book. It was given to me by Simone and Tim for Christmas last year.

7. I think I would like to read Pride and Predjudice next.

8. I would like to see the new Hugh Grant movie. Brad thinks I want to see it just because of Hugh Grant. He's probably right.

9. The temperature in Phoenix tomorrow will be 92 degrees F (33 degrees C).

10. I haven't finished Jo's birthday present yet. I've been working on my little 'green' top, which I have to rip back a couple of rows :-(


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