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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Babe!

My gorgeous husband turns 28 today! Happy Birthday babe, I hope you have a fantastic day. Although, I'm sure he will have to spend part of the day looking for a dentist after breaking a tooth last night. Ouch!

Speaking of last night, we went down to the Botanical Gardens to see the "River of Lights" display. It was an impressive display, actually much better than we had expected. There were quite a lot of people there despite the cold weather. We had our first snowfall for this winter on Sunday night. We woke up to find our yard covered in snow. It looked beautiful, though it had melted by the time we got home from work that day.

I can't believe it's only a week and a bit until Christmas. We have done some of our Christmas shopping but plan to head out to do some more this weekend. Brave, aren't we? I'm sure the shops will be crazy, but at least we're not under so much pressure to have all our presents by the 25th. We are planning to take most of them back with us to Oz next year in an attempt to save on postage.

On the knitting front, I managed to turn the heel of my sock on Tuesday night (thanks to the help of Jeannie). It's actually starting to look like a sock now, though I haven't done any more work on it since I started my misty garden scarf (Christmas present). The scarf is looking great, I think I might be knitting a few more as presents!


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