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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Last week, week 15 I added a golden oldie to my baking repertoire - Honey Joys!

And boy, do they taste good - it must be at least 15 years since I've had one. I followed this recipe from the Kellogg's Australian website which was soooo easy and the only difference I found was that the recipe says it makes 24 but in reality it only made about 14 (maybe I made them a bit too big). Either way, they were a SUCCESS!

Another reason I'm feeling rather proud of myself at the moment is because I finally finished my first cardigan! (Well, it's the first one that I feel doesn't look too homemade and that I would actually feel confident wearing out in public)! And when I say finally - I actually started this back in October last year. I had a few problems with the sleeves so it sat in the naughty drawer for a couple of months and then waited another couple for me to attach the hook and eye so that I can finally wear it. Although the weather is warming up here, it will be perfect for me to wear to work where the air conditioning is freezing! So without further ado:

Pattern: No. 4 - Sculptured Cardigan from Cleckheaton, Studio Mohair 8 Ply, II Designs
Yarn: Studio Mohair 8ply - 50% Mohair, 50% Acrylic (not too scratchy)
Needles: 4mm, US Size 6
Started: October 2006
Finished: April 2007

Also, thanks to Ben & Ag who supplied the pattern and yarn for my birthday!

Finally, I finished Jo's birthday present and was very tempted to keep it for myself. Here's a tiny sneak peak....

I have to admit it's my best one of these yet and I can't wait to post some more photos after she receives it!

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  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger Jenny said…

    WOW! The sweater looks fantastic! Nice work! I'm also dying to try today's recipe- yummy.

  • At 6:42 AM, Blogger kgirl said…

    hey, nice cardigan! The colour looks great - hope the weather cools sufficiently to wear it often! ;)

  • At 10:57 AM, Blogger Lucky's mom said…

    The cardigan looks FANTASTIC! I really like it! The socks look good too. They look better than in the magazine :)


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