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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Who's that Spunky Monkey?

Well I can see why B decided to barrack for the New York Jets, they are as bad as Collingwood. You can obviously tell how much I enjoyed the game - when I got home I didn't even know who they had played!

B is in at work today - poor thing. We are having a dvd night tonight, though not sure what we will watch. The last few have been chick flicks (Monster-in-law and A Lot Like Love) so I think tonight might see a bit more action. I wonder if B will remember to put the 1st disc in rather than the 2nd. We thought it was a bit odd when "The Godfather Part II" only went for an hour, not to mention that it didn't make a whole lot of sense!

I thought I'd add some photos of my latest work today:

This is my bramble stitch scarf that I am knitting as a present to ME. The colouring matches the coat I bought at the end of last winter. I can't wait to wear them!

This is a Christmas present for gorgeous little Ava (though it will be summer back in Oz). The hat still needs some tassles on the top corners and I have just started mittens (left).

This is another present for me. It still needs to have the edges crocheted (I need a lesson from the girls at knit night).

And finally, this is a completed project (I know it's hard to believe). It is a jumper for my little niece or nephew.

Last of all, this is a photo I took at the Albuquerque zoo last weekend. It was such a beautiful day that Meg, Jenny and I decided to go and do some knitting. I couldn't go without taking a photo of this guy though!


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